Life Skills:

A new year and a new hope springs up.

Because we have a new start and the number 1 welcomes all attempts and efforts as new, the first one in the new fresh year.  We understand with the years that this new year and new first day are just 24 hours from the old and the habitual.  We struggle because our intents are desirous of doing and being new things and creatures with new habits, and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, in order for an old dog to learn new tricks we have to realize that only with God can all our old be transformed, shed, abandoned.

The Revelation given to John on that island in the Aegean was “behold I am making all things new”.  Until Jesus returns to make all things new we must start with a new relationship with the “all-things-new-maker” if we don’t already have one.  When we enter into that relationship we realize the truth and power of “if any man be in Christ he is a new creature”.  We realize that He lives in and through use to transport us from death to life, to transform us from old to new, to transmit into us life and through us blessings.

Make this new year count with re-newing your relationship and trust in Jesus as savior and have fun making new history this year.




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